Million Metres

Battery Zone proudly supports Million Metres via our parent company Century Yuasa. Million Metres is a non-profit project set up to restore the health of New Zealand waterways. Currently:

  • 82% of river length in pastoral farming areas is not suitable for swimming;
  • 94% of river length in urban areas is not suitable for swimming;
  • 76% of our native freshwater fish species are threatened with extinction (up 44% since 1990)
  • 75% of New Zealand’s native forests have been cut down
  • 90% of New Zealand’s historic wetlands have been dumped in, drained and filled to make way for development and agriculture. Wetlands are the kidney of our water system – filtering out pollutants, act as nurseries for wildlife etc.)
Since partnering with Million Metres in 2015, Century Yuasa has donated more than $154,000 to waterway restoration. This has supported 17 different projects across New Zealand and is contributing to the planting of 22,000 native plants and trees!

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