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The Yuasa Batteries Difference

Yuasa’s range of sealed maintenance free batteries are the ultimate in battery performance and technology. Featuring specialist internal components, unique design features and industry leading technologies to combat the causes of battery failure and deliver reliability, longer life and superior performance.

Delivering more than just superior starting power, Yuasa batteries deliver exceptional corrosion resistance, longer life and the performance to handle the demands of today’s modern vehicles.

The Yuasa Batteries Difference
1. Rolled Expanded High Tin Grid
Provides improved corrosion resistance and longer life.

2. Wrought Lead-Calcium Grids
Improves resistance to grid corrosion and overcharging, while minimising gassing and water usage for reduced self-discharge.

3. Low-Resistance Envelope Separators
Improves vibration resistance & helps prevent internal shorts between positive and negative plates.

4. NST Plate Tissue
Special tissue on positive plates prevents active material shedding during frequent charging and discharging.

5. PlatelockTM technology
Combats vibration shock and damage from rough, uneven conditions.

6. Diamond Mesh
Increased conductivity for higher performance.

7. Polypropylene Case
Reinforced design provides durability to withstand shock and vibration.
8. Double Lid with Labyrinth Structure
Prevents electrolyte loss by collecting and returning liquid to the reservoir. Vents allow the battery to breathe during temperature changes and charging.

9. Flame Arrestor
Prevents external ignition sources from entering the battery.

10. State of Charge Indicator
For on the spot diagnosis of battery condition.

11. Carry Handle
Ergonomic easy fold-down carry handle.

12. Cold Forged Terminal
Improves strength.

13. Heat Sealed Double Lid
Prevents contamination, improves strength & reduces water loss.

14. Cast-On Plate Straps
Stronger than conventional connectors. Reduces damage from rough uneven conditions, shock & vibration.


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