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We’re helping Kiwi communities plant trees for healthier waterways

For every automotive battery sold Battery Zone will plant one tree in partnership with the
Million Metres Streams Project.*




Trees Planted

About Million Metres Streams

Yuasa Batteries has a long-standing partnership with Million Metres Streams. Their mission is to restore the rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands of New Zealand with native plants and trees. Million Metres work with businesses, philanthropic organisations, community and iwi/hapū groups, and farmers to direct resources to waterway restoration projects at scale. 

Our waterways are in crisis

  • 82% of river length in pastoral farming areas is not suitable for swimming
  • 94% of river length in urban areas is not suitable for swimming
  • 76% of our native freshwater fish species are threatened with extinction
  • 90% of New Zealand’s historic wetlands have been destroyed to make way for development and agriculture

Why plant native trees?

Planting native trees and plants helps to stabilise the banks of waterways and reduces erosion. It helps filter pollutants from agriculture, industry, housing and roads. As the trees grow tall, they shade the waterway, cooling the water for fish. Plants and trees provide habitat and food for native birds, lizards, insects. They sequester carbon dioxide helping to tackle climate change.


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