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Roadside Assistance

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Available 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm

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what-we-do3-1.jpgServices we provide

tick-7.jpg Battery Replacement
tick-2.jpg Battery Fitment
tick-3.jpg Alternator Testing
tick-4.jpg Jumpstart
tick-5.jpg Lockout
tick-6.jpg Fuel
tick-6.jpg Spare (tyre) Fitment 
tick-1.jpg Battery Testing
tick-6.jpg Home Fitment - New

What to do in a breakdown to keep safe!

Here’s are some helpful tip on how to stay safe:

  • Get to a Safe Place- Find a safe spot to pull over, such as a hard shoulder or breakdown lane

    • Position your vehicle as far away from other traffic as possible

  • Assess the situation – check whether you would be safer in or out of your vehicle:

    • If you’re staying in the car, keep your seatbelt on

    • If you’re outside the car, keep away from the road and stay behind the roadside barrier

  • Don’t try and fix your car, wait for our roadside assistance truck

  • Turn on your hazard lights

  • Turn on your parking lights

*only available in Auckland (from Whangaparaoa to Pukekohe) and Wellington (from Pukera Bay to Island Bay)



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