Million Metres

In 2020 Battery Zone proudly supported Million Metres. Million Metres  is a non-profit project set up to restore the health of New Zealand waterways. Currently


  • 44% of New Zealand’s monitored lakes are so polluted virtually nothing can survive in them;
  • 62% of lowland rivers are so polluted with pathogens its unsafe to swim in them;
  • 74% of freshwater fish species are now classified  as ‘threatened’.  

In 2020/2021 Century Yuasa is supportered - The Brookby Project - Papakura Stream! 

The Brookby Prject - Papakura Stream

The Papakura catchment has seen a lot of change over the years with land clearance and loss of stream bank habitat. This project area is part of a large catchment and it will take a lot of community effort working together to restore the streams that flow to the Manukau Harbour. 

This is the start of a big, exciting, potential series of projects that will enhance the health of the catchment. The plants will help to stabilise banks, prevent erosion, reduce sediment entering the water as well as providing habitat for birds, lizards and insects.

For more information on this project head to:


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