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Battery Recycling

At Battery Zone, we understand the importance of looking after New Zealand's pristine environment and are dedicated to recycling used lead-acid batteries responsibly. 

Why recycle?

98% of a lead acid battery can be reclaimed through recycling. The lead, plastic and acid components are re-processed and manufactured into an array of other products including guide posts, cabling and detergents.

Sulfuric acid - Sulfuric acid is converted to sodium sulfate to be used in the manufacture of glass, textiles, laundry detergents and fertilisers.

Lead - Battery plates, inter cell connectors and posts made from lead are melted down in a smelter furnace. The molten lead is then formed into ingots for re-use.

Polypropylene - Battery containers and lids are chipped and sent for recycling into rubbish bins, plant pots etc.

Benefits of Recycling 

 Help build a cleaner New Zealand for future generations recycling-process-1-1.jpg
  • Prevent harm to humans and wildlife
  • Protect the environment
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Reduce the amount of waste to landfill

Recycle your used battery now at any Battery Zone at no cost.




Q. Can I put my old battery in my home recycling bin?

A. No. Lead acid batteries must not be placed in home recycling or waste bins. The lead and acid may contaminate other recycled materials and render them un-useable. The entire load of materials will then be dumped to landfill.

Q. How much does recycling cost?

A. Nothing. Your lead acid battery will be recycled by Yuasa Batteries free of charge.

Q. Can I re-use my old battery for anything?

A. No. Automotive batteries contain lead, acid and lead compounds, all of which are considered harmful to humans. Battery recycling with Century Yuasa minimises the risk to you and your family from these toxins.

Q. What happens to my old battery?

A. The plastics, acid and lead compounds are all separated when the battery is destroyed, and re-processed into new products.

Q. Will my battery be reconditioned?

A. No. Century Yuasa Battery Recycling Centres will never recondition your old battery. Reconditioning is the branding of an end-of-life battery for resale. Reconditioned batteries are extremely unreliable at best and dangerous at worst.


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