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Before you head out on the water visit your local Battery Zone to make sure your boat battery is good to go.
If you’re in need of a new one we stock a comprehensive range of Yuasa Seafarer batteries that have been designed to meet your entire marine & boat power requirements. With robust design and superior power you can rely on your Yuasa battery to start your boat's engine, run on-board accessories and, most importantly, get you back to shore safely.

In addition, all Yuasa Seafarer batteries are manufactured to the highest standards to handle the rigours of wave-pounding, engine vibration and impact from trailer transportation. Thicker battery plates, denser active material and specialist separators deliver superior starting power for high compression engines and extra reserve capacity to run on-board accessories.

Seafarer 530 (M57MF)

Seafarer 530 (M57MF)

580 CCA | 750 MCA | 50 AH
  • For boats with engines up to 70hp
  • Power for engine starting only
  • Vibration resistant
Seafarer 680 (M24MF)

Seafarer 680 (M24MF)

680 CCA | 880 MCA | 75 AH
  • For boats with engines up to 150hp
  • Power for engine starting, semi-cycling & basic electrics[?]
  • Platelock™ technology for superior vibration resistance
Seafarer 720 (M27MF)

Seafarer 720 (M27MF)

780 CCA | 1000 MCA | 80 AH
  • For boats with engines up to 350hp
  • Power for engine starting, semi-cycling, basic & optional electrics[?]
  • Platelock™ technology for superior vibration resistance
Product Warranty Volts CCA MCA RC Ah Dimensions (mm) LxWxTH Polarity Terminal Type
D23RM MF 24 12 580 90 50 230x170x209 D DF
N70ZM MF 24 12 780 160 95 302x171x222 D TWIN
NS70M MF 24 12 680 140 80 258x174x222 D TWIN


On-Board Marine Electrics

Basic Electrics
Optional Electrics
  • Control instuments
  • Standard lighting
  • Bilge Pump
  • UHF/VHF radio
  • Extra Lighting
  • GPS
  • Fish finder
  • Auto pilot
  • Trim tabs
  • Fridge


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