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Battery Zone Onehunga

Battery Zone Onehunga have spent more than 50 years earning a reputation for delivering that quality service. We have repaired cars for thousands of satisfied customers throughout East Auckland and beyond. But we move with the times, so whether you’re driving a vintage or late-model car, or any make or model of vehicle, we can diagnose and repair any fault using all the modern technology and tools.

Located in Onehunga, East Auckland, Battery Zone has a wide range car batteries, 4x4 & SUV batteries, plus batteries to suit most trucks, boats and caravans.

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

7:30 - 17:00


8:30 - 12:00




  • Battery Testing
  • Battery Fitment
  • Dual Battery System
  • Auto Electrical Repairs
  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Battery Recycling
  • Diagnostics
  • Air Conditioning
  • WOF

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