Avoid becoming a maritime breakdown statistic

Imagine spending the afternoon listening to music and watching your fish finder whilst moored on a deserted beach, only to reach the end of an idyllic day to find you’re unable to start your engine and return home safely.
Last year Coastguard New Zealand brought over 7,000 people home safely after an emergency on the water. Maritime Safety Authorities are becoming more and more concerned over the increasing number of breakdowns on the water caused as a result of flat or incorrect batteries fitted on vessels.
Your boat operates very differently to your car.  Car batteries are purpose-built to start the engine, and recharge from the alternator.  However marine batteries are not only required to provide the starting power needed for high compression engines, but also deliver sufficient power to run multiple on-board accessories whilst the engine is switched off and the battery is being drained.
Understanding your marine battery and power requirements is critical if you want to avoid becoming a marine breakdown statistic. When choosing a marine battery it is important to invest in a battery that has been specially designed to handle the demands of marine conditions and performance requirements of marine vessels.
We offer a range of marine batteries perfectly adapted to life on the water.  They incorporate advanced design features and robust internal components including PlatelockTM technology, to combat the effects of wave pounding, engine vibration and transportation by trailer.
With a range of sizes for a variety of applications including both starting and dual purpose, providing starting power for engines up to 350Hp and semi-cycling capabilities to run on-board accessories we have the right one for you.
Check out the range today or get in touch to discuss your boat battery requirements.


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