What We Do

What We Do

If you’re in need of a battery we’re here to help. Battery Zone is your local battery expert.

what-we-do-2.jpgWhat makes us different?

Battery Zone offers a variety of services, including battery testing and fitment, marine and boat battery assistance, advice on camping and caravan power requirements, commercial battery assistance, and advice on battery care and maintenance.

As a national group we offer the peace of mind of a nationwide warranty wherever your journey takes you.

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Your local Battery Zone expert doesn't just sell batteries - they're proper auto electrical specialists who know exactly what your vehicle needs. Battery Zone stores are locally owned, and stock only the best batteries from the global market leader Yuasa Batteries. 

You can also drop off your old battery to your nearest Battery Zone expert to ensure that it will be properly recycled.

what-we-do3-1.jpgBattery testing & fitment

If your battery is more than two years old it will be ready for a check, head on over to Battery Zone for a FREE battery test and health check for added peace of mind. We'll let you know whether your battery is healthy, or on its last legs - and recommend a suitable replacement if necessary.

We can also fit your new battery quicksmart, and dispose of your old battery in an environmentally friendly manner.*

what-we-do4-1.jpgBattery recycling*

At Battery Zone, we understand the importance of looking after New Zealand's pristine environment and are dedicated to recycling used lead-acid batteries responsibly. 

98% of a lead acid battery can be reclaimed through recycling. The lead, plastic and acid components are used in an array of new products - including guide posts, cabling and detergents.

what-we-do5-5.jpgNationwide warranty

Your local Battery Zone expert has the backing of a nationwide group of automotive electricians and New Zealand's most popular battery brand - Yuasa Batteries.

Your new battery will be covered by one of the best automotive battery warranties in the business - providing you with a new replacement battery free of charge for all valid claims.

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*Not available at all Battery Zone locations